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bei  Akhali-Pantiani (Georgia)

Betania Monastery is a medieval Georgian Orthodox monastery in Didgori District, Tbilisi. It is a remarkable piece of architecture of the "Golden Age" of the Kingdom of Georgia, at the turn of the 12th and 13th centuries, and is notable for its wall paintings which include a portrait of Queen Tamar.

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  • NormanP 23.08.2010

    Hi G.m.: I traveled by car from Warsaw, Poland to Georgia in June, 1970 together with my wife and two friends. In Tbilisi we befriended a group of Georgians, who took us for several excursions. One of them was to the Betania Monastery. I have several color slides taken at that time. We started from a remote orphanage, located on a military base (?). I wonder, if we took the same path as you did.

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