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This post is a translation of an earlier one in Spanish, just to reach more friends.

I am setting up this little artifact and suddenly I found several features that I do not like anything. I must say I spent years using an iphone 4S -w/ extra battery- to keep hiking routes from Wikiloc and I say it was doing its job successfully. Anyway I thought the leap to Garmin would be to improve and now I have serious doubts.

I go with my first findings:
-Management very cumbersome. I do not know if I'm a fool, but I found it very difficult to download maps and install them. There is much information on the net but scattered and poorly explained, at least for one that just started using this gadget. For example, I downloaded a route directly from wikiloc and still have not found how to activate it to navigate.
-Menús Difficult to navigate.
-Screen Very small. Certainly I should have checked it before, but I bought it online and thought it was bigger. I use glasses to read and that mini screen is just very annoying to watch
-Maps: I installed TopoHispania, looks good in Base Camp in my Mac but in such a Etrex screen is very bad. I have also Topo OSM Summer, I have not tried it yet.

I would appreciate comments from experts, many thanks for your help.

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I agree, I had an etrex too and now I own a Fenix... same problems with the new device, too complicated, no way to take photos etc.. it sucks spending my time pairing, connecting, configuring... I'm sorry I cannot help but I'm a big fan of the wikiloc App for Android and I keep my Garmin only for very long hikes.

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