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bei Përmet, Gjirokastër (Albania)

This route begins at the tourism information center in Permet. Leaving town you will cross the bridge and keep to the left toward Kelcyre. 10 km from Përmet, along the road to Këlcyrë, there is a turn to the right at a bend where you will find the billboard for the National Park of Bredhi i Hotovës. Take this turn and continue for 5 km where you will reach a fork in the road: the road left leads to the Tekke of Alipostivan, the road right continues to the park, continue on the main road on the right past the following turns:

after 1 km, on the left is the road to Skrapar, continue on the right;
after 2 km you will pass through the stone village of Pagri;
after 9 km you will arrive at the entrance of the national park.

An additional 1 km into the park is the lodge, also referred to as the Forest Station. An additional 2 km beyond the Forest Station there is a resting place where there is also a fountain source of fresh water.

By continuing another 10 km beyond the resting place it is possible to reach the historic village of Frashёr.
  • Foto von Fountain and Lookout
Fountain and Lookout
  • Foto von Park Entrance
Unpaved Road
  • Foto von Park Station
Park Station
  • Foto von Turn for Bredhi i Hotoves National Park


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