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19,77 km

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bei Palau Sacosta, Catalunya (España)

Long run hilly workout (mostly trail): GEIEG palau - Girona cathedral - els angels trail - gavarres mountain range - Quart - Carrilet trail and back to Palau

We start with a 3k asphalt downhill warming up to the cathedral, then 2k flat asphalt in sant daniel valley till the crossroad (see picture). We follow the official “els angels” trail aka pista 6 and always stay on the ample road between 5k-6k going north a bit then crossing the highway where a steep but short scent awaits; after that it goes up for 2k but at a reasonable angle. The picturesque view is taken at the top altitude of the run (km8.5). From then on, we go down and quickly see the road on our left underneath. Follow the trail until it cuts the road which we then follow until the house on the right (100m). Right in front of the house, there’s a cleared area and there at the limit of the trees, you'll find the hidden start of a very narrow bike trail. After 100m, you fall into a regular trail, take a right south. Run till km10.5 and take a short left north to get downhill a bit towards a parallel path and take a right again south. You’ll run until the parking of a restaurant by the asphalt road (km11.6). Cross it and keep south, always on the ample main trail road for 3k. Make a right west downhill and you’ll quickly get back onto asphalt in the village of Quart, go strait ahead, cross the main road and continue until you cross a wide avenue bordered with trees on both sides; this is the CARRILET trail with yellow markings on the asphalt, take a right north and run back to GEIEG.


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