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bei Aspen Grove, Utah (United States)

In July of 2012 we had the opportunity of visiting several national parks in the Western US, in the states of Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Arizona and Nevada. These parks were grandiose nature reserves, surprising because of their diversity, beauty, sheer size and because of the conservation efforts that are undertaken in many of those places.
Mount Timpanogos, at 11,752 ft (3,582 m) is the second highest mountain in Utah’s Wasatch Range. At the foot of Timp (as the mountain is commonly referred to) sits Emerald Lake at 10,380 ft (3,161 m), a beautiful glacial lake covered in ice most of the year. The Wasatch Range is visible from Salt Lake City, and the trail leading up to Emerald Lake and Mount Timpanogos starts from the ski resort of Aspen Grove.
Hiking uphill always requires some amount of effort, and the trail leading up to Emerald Lake, although of little technical difficulty, will require the hiker to dig in deep to go beyond 10,000 feet in elevation, particularly if one is not accustomed to hiking at elevation. But the hike up to Emerald Lake is well worth the effort it requires, as the trail affords the hiker the chance to traverse by several waterfalls that even in the summer can carry large amounts of water.
From time to time the hiker will also be rewarded with some wildlife sightings, and some of the most beautiful wildflowers we have ever had the chance to see.
The trail leading to Mount Timpanogos from Emerald Lake is well marked, and easy to follow, and, although in this occasion we did not have the chance to summit Timp, we could see a constant stream of people who were doing just that.
GPS miles covered from Aspen Grove Trailhead to Emerald Lake: 11.25 (18 km)
Elevation gained/lost along the trail to Emerald Lake: 5,890 ft/6,097 ft (1,789 m/ 1,859 m)

El pico Timpanogos 3852 m es la segunda altura de la Cordillera Wasatch, en el Estado de Utah USA. En su falda se encuentra el Emerald Lake 3161 m, precioso lago glaciar parcialmente cubierto por el hielo, objeto de esta ruta por las Wasatch.
Las Montañas Wasatch se divisan desde la ciudad de Salt Lake City y el acceso para el trail del Timpanogos lo iniciamos en la estación Aspen Grove.
En Julio de 2012 tuvimos la oportunidad de conocer varios Parques Nacionales entre Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Colorado y Arizona. Magníficas reservas de la Naturaleza, sorprendentes por su diversidad, belleza, proporciones y de conservación que se hace en esos lugares.

Kilómetros recorridos según GPS: 18. Desnivel de subida y bajada acumulado: 1789 / 1859 m






Cascada paso


Emerald Lake

12-JUL-12 20:12:15

Gran Nevero


Gran Pradera


Timpanogos Trail






Valle Superior

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