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  • Foto von alemanya-txèquia-àustria-etapa 3

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Uploaded 28. Juli 2011

Recorded Juni 2011

560 m
315 m
86,15 km

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bei Grasmannsdorf, Bayern (Deutschland)

Furth im Wald-Domazlice-Merklin-Plzen

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    lelalu 15.08.2011

    Did you reach Plzen without absolutely wet clothings?

    According to your words, some weeks ago, i´ve to tell you, that i just dont find the time to visit your country, but i still think about it. I´ve been just one time in spain and just one time in barcelona. I was very young and interested in my girl friend and the sun. So I think, my next visit could be more influenced by the bike, the weather..and hopefully again: the sun.
    Enjoy riding the bike, i will do it the same.
    i´ve heart about the regions in Spain, knowing som Facts, but iám not really god informed.
    One of the big Advantages in die European-Community is the empowerment of the regions. You visited the bavarian oberpfalz and crossed the Bavarian forest to come into the bohemian forest, wich was in former times the only term for this region. Nationalism let the Generation of my Grandgrandpa and some curios Monarchs develop new Word´s for very old Landscapes. Maybe we met somwhere, someone and cant tell the Monarchs and Grandpas about the Present and the Possibilities of travelling, talking and thinking together of a free and solid Europe. Good Bye and good Winds on all your Tours. Jürgen

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