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bei Tamyang, South Jeolla (South Korea)

With my hunger extinguished with a large bowl of noodle salad, I used the carbs from the lunch to climb Naejang Mountain in 35 degrees C and near 100% humidity. I ran out of water quickly, but had the frozen water bottle in my cooler bag melting away.

The climb up Naejang Mountain was breath taking. The view of Jeollanam province was also spectacular. As it was a Tuesday, there were very little cars on the mountain road. Once I got to a pass, it was a qick down hill to Naejangsan National Park, where a cold beer awaited! I set up camp for free (no one at the entry booth), washed off my sweat in a cold stream. My frozen Indian chicken curry was now well defrosted. I smiled as I cracked open a beer.

For those who don't have a tent, there are plenty of accommodation and restaurants at the entrance of the park.


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