629 m
-30 m
617,05 km

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bei Caleta de Fuste, Canarias (España)

We started south of the airport of Fuerteventura and cycled for about 2 weeks around Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. 40-50 kms per day, with a maximum climbing of 900 meters. We managed to book just 1 night ahead by booking.com and there was no problem to stay for only 1 night. We followed mostly the mountainbike tracks but at some stages that was to difficult for our trekking bikes with luggage. Especially the sandy parts in the dunes were impossible.

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  • Foto von Alarije Biker

    Alarije Biker 25.09.2017

    Hi doubledutch.

    First of all is to thank you for sharing such an interesting route. I would like to do it next December. I have a question for you. Please, did you rent your bike on the island? Could you recommend me any bike store on Puerto del Rosario?

    Thanks again

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