1.909 m
792 m
59,28 km

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bei Rubi, Bayern (Deutschland)

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Nombre:Obertsdorf-Dalaas -Transalpina 2014

Hora Inicio: 07/12/2014 07:30

Hora Fin: 07/12/2014 17:54

Distancia recorrida: 59,2km (10:23)

Tiempo en movimiento: 06:20

Vel. en Mov.: 9,3km/h

Velocidad Máxima: 44km/h

Altura Mínima: 792m

Altura Máxima: 1909m

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  • Foto von wunnspeed

    wunnspeed 19.08.2014

    Ich bin diesem Trail gefolgt  Mehr anzeigen

    I didn't do this trail based on this authors notes but another. For the most part, it's easy to follow except at some of the intersections which are sometimes split between hikers and bikers. The bikers get pretty much screwed at times. A large portion of the descent into Dalaas is a push instead of riding as the trail is terribly muddy and torn up. The start of the trail over the first pass almost had me lose my bike off the cliff by the first bridge. The scenery is beautiful but I wouldn't do this trail if you've got really bad fear of heights or if the weather is bad. Mind you, I am an expert level bikepacker/racer and this trail made me pretty uncomfortable at the pass and angry at the lack of trail maintenance.


    PISAPEDALES.ES 19.08.2014

    Bueno. Wunnspeed. Nosotros sabíamos que nos encontraríamos ese tipo de dificultades porque con la información que hay de esta ruta (La Transalpes) en wikiloc es fácil recopilar los datos de un usuario y de otro. Por otro lado creo que es parte de lo interesante de la ruta, no sólo el paisaje que es precioso, si no también el terreno que la hace dura, muy dura a veces.

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