17 m
-255 m
8,34 km

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bei Kolnes, Rogaland (Norge)

Lots of lessons learnt today:
- When it's predicted that there is no wind, but you can get your kite in the sky, it does not necessarily mean that the forcast is wrong. It may be correct again shortly.
- Just because you are up and riding, does not mean that there is wind where you are going.
- Swimming whilst dragging a 15m flysurfer is a ball ache, but not impossible.
- Currents at Sola are more significant than you might think.
- The fact that you can swim straight up wind whilst dragging kite means that there really is NO WIND!
- Having a gps watch is great for figuring out what the current is doing.
- Flysurfers float for a realy long time.
- Swimming in kelp is reall difficult.
- There are rocks hidden in the kelp.
- Foil wings split if pushed even slightly into rock.


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