929 m
345 m
3,09 km

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bei Sant'Ambrogio di Torino, Piemonte (Italia)

Technically easy but quite long route from the valley of Susa to the Mount Pirchiriano (962 m) with the renowned Sacra di San Michele abbey. Excellent access just few meters from the parking place a bit outside of the San Ambrogio village. There are two escape routes at the second half of the ferrata. Do not forget to bring a lot of water in hot weather - or better choose one of canyon ferratas nearby in that case. Ascent takes about 3 hrs, descent 1,5 hrs. A tour of breathtaking 1000-years old Sacra di San Michele (entrance fee) is possible. A path leading from the end of ferrata detours Sacra from the right side. Do not panic, it will not take you back to the valley without visiting Sacra. There is a small café serving unmistakably good italian espresso under the abbey.

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