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bei Krnica, Gorje (Slovenija)

Via Ferrata - Long hike from the parking lot in the Krma Valley to Dom Kredarica, then the via Ferrata to triglav, and down via Dom Planika.
The trail is mostly loose rocks of various dimensions, making this hike - if done in one day - suitable only to the most fit. The climb from Dom Kredarica is through a via ferrata with horrible two-way traffic. We've done it on a Monday in August and, for the via ferrata alone, consider some four hours from the Dom Kredarica to the top and back. It's not that far and, with no traffic, it would probably take one hour to go up and 40 minutes to get down.
We actually haven't reached the very top - a real pity - due to stuck traffic. See the track to understand how close we were. With menacing thunderstorm clouds forming right above the Triglav, watching the speed of climbers we estimated that it would have taken us over one hour to reach the top and back just to the same highest point we made. Plus, likely, over one-and-a-half hours to exit the via ferrata.
It rained while descending back to the car.
NOTE: Being on top of a peak during a lightning storm is out of question, especially when connected to the Via Ferrata steel cables.
Choosing a different month, say September, would be a wise choice.

Spectacular barren environment.

Dom Kredarici


Dom Planika


Kovinarska Koca

Kovinarska koča 870m alpine_hut

Mali Triglav


Parking for Triglav




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