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bei Garmisch, Bayern (Deutschland)

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Eibsee, Ehrwald, Gaistal, Leutasch, Seefeld, Innsbruck

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  • israel mass 13.11.2010

    hola desde madrid españa,quiero hacer esta ruta en julio del 2011 del 3 al de julio del 2011,se puede hacer en una etapa,yo me hospedare en innsbrusck y viajare en tren hasta garmisch,dormire ayi y al dia siguiente emprendere la ruta a innsbrusch,quiero saber si puedo llebar la bici en el tren,y si la puedo hacer en dos dias,lo digo para difrutar del paisaje

  • israel mass 13.11.2010

    hello from madrid Spain, I want to do this route in July 2011 to July 3, 2011, can be done in one stage, I will be staying in innsbrusck and will travel by train to Garmisch, dormire ayi and the next day to embark on the path innsbrusch, I know I can lleba the bike on the train, and if I can do in two days, I say to enjoy the scenery

  • vagabond235 14.11.2010

    Yes, the whole tour can be done within one day (we started in Innsbruck in the morning using the train - and came back in the late afternoon after about 9h of cycling). One more thing - if you like singletrails - the path down from Reith bei Seefeld to Zirler Kehre and then Zirl is very nice, but steep in parts.

    If you plan it that way, staying in Garmisch is nice too :)

  • israel mass 20.11.2010

    muchas gracias,lo que me gustaria saber si este track tiene su inicio engarmisch partenkirchen y final o meta en innsbrusch,esque yo me hospedare en innbrusch y quiero ir en tren a engarmisch partenkirchen y salir desde ayi en bici a innsbrusch
    estare por ai una semanita,tambien he pensado ir parando en cada pueblo del trayecto,y hacer alguna ruta en cada pueblo y dormir ai,luego continuar al siguiente y asi hasta llegar a innsbrusch
    desde ya muchas gracias

  • israel mass 20.11.2010

    thank you very much, so I wonder if this track has its beginning and end engarmisch partenkirchen innsbrusch or goal, I will be staying at esque innbrusch and want to go by train to engarmisch partenkirchen and go from bike to innsbrusch ayi
    I'll be by ai for a week, I've also thought about going, stopping at every town en route, and make a route in every town and i sleep, then continue to the next and so on until we reach innsbrusch
    from already thank you very much

  • vagabond235 23.11.2010

    Start is Garmisch - and it finishes in Innsbruck. So its one-way.

  • israel mass 23.11.2010

    many thanks, here's my mobile 669230233 innsbruch'll be by July 1 to July 10 mass israel

  • rbolanod 09.06.2011

    My name is Raúl ([email protected]), from Madrid-Spain. I'm planning to go there about 1 Augoust. But I need a little help in order to know where can I stay. My idea is stay in nice village and make a route around (30-40 kms) cycling (mountain bike) every day (one week). Can you recomend me a village? a hotel or apartments?
    Do you have more tracks of this area?
    Thank you in advance and best regards

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