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Schwierigkeitsgrad   Leicht

Zeit  eine Stunde 52 Minuten

Koordinaten 6773

Uploaded 10. November 2015

Recorded Oktober 2015

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1.266 m
649 m
20,87 km

angezeigt 198 Mal, heruntergeladen 0 Mal

bei Buchberg, Bayern (Deutschland)

3 Kommentare

  • robsnowstorm 13.11.2015

    I have followed this trail  View more

    i know this trail. and there are much much better on this mountain for sure. kinda boring
    this one is more a trail for trekking bikes than for mountainbikes.

  • pazku87 13.11.2015

    Thanks for your contribution.
    Nice route. Boring is subjective.

  • robsnowstorm 13.11.2015

    I don't know your level, but next time try to go up to Zwiesel then west ... the down-trail you rode is just a tractor road.
    There is more on this special mountain. Have fun!

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