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Koordinaten 1011

Hochgeladen 2. Juni 2010

Aufgezeichnet Juni 2010

422 m
107 m
25,6 km

angezeigt 1188 Mal, heruntergeladen 22 Mal

bei Dohr, Rheinland-Pfalz (Deutschland)

nette Runde von Dohr über den Gipfelpfad des Calmont mit tollen Ausblicken auf das Moseltal

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  • luvdbr 19.08.2013

    We did this beautifull tour on august 18, 2013. Although 26 km is not that long, the tour has 3 different parts, all very beautiful: 1) southern Eifelhills with gentle slopes and wide horizons. 2) dense forest with even a small river crossing and 3) a magnificent view high above the vineyards of Bremm. It has to long downhill parts and off course then follow two uphill 'roads'. So maybe 'short' but still intensive sport. We did this tour in the morning, so we had some time left to drive along the river Moezel and visit some villages.

  • luvdbr 19.08.2013

    I forgot to say: you can also park your car near the village of Beuren, where the trail (clockwise) meets the road L106, between Bremm and Bueren.

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