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bei La Guirra, Canarias (España)

This is a simple route to follow with good hill climbs and downhill sections as well as some awesome scenery and a great refreshment stop at Pozo Negro Village. The route begins with a downhill section which requires a little bit of care due to the loose rocks and gravel until you hit the road which you then follow until you come onto the costal path which take you towards Salinas’s village. The next section on route to Pozo Negro has some good uphill sections the first starting at RV 2 with a long steady climb to the summit at RV 3 (good photo opportunity with stunning views). From there it is downhill into the valley before starting the next major climb up towards the radar station. It is worth taking a breather at this point to take some more snaps of the village below and the coast. The downhill section into Pozo Negro village is a good run but once again be careful of the loose gravel which can throw you off balance.

Once in the village there are two restaurants to choose for your refreshments (from my previous visits to the village the first restaurant RV5 cooks the best paella I have tasted so far on the island). The route from the village along the river bed and base of the mountain ridge is excellent. At RV 6 there is an historical point of interest which is an old pottery village or factory from the early industrial days on the island. From there it is a straight run to the main road FV2 where you then join the road for a short leg before once more turning off onto the dirt tracks towards the village of Los Alares and then onto the homeward leg back towards Salinas.

At some point you turn off the main track and follow the rough track once more uphill back towards Chipmunk Mountain, as you travel downhill into the valley and the river bed be aware once more of the loose gravel and rocks before you begin the final uphill sections to the finish point. The final uphill section is a bit of a slog so simply get your head down select the right gear and keep going, stopping on this section will only make starting up again more difficult and there are a few small sections where your back wheel may slip if you have selected the wrong gear.

I did this ride with 2 good friends and it was an excellent day out with a good workout thrown in for good measure.

RV 1 Start and Finish






RV 5 (Restaurant 1)


RV 6 (Historical Area of Interest)




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