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Hochgeladen 5. Oktober 2014

Aufgezeichnet November 2011

1.288 m
289 m
31,8 km

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bei Merzhausen, Baden-Württemberg (Deutschland)

Demanding singletrack starting from Freiburg and up to Schaunisland. Pure mountainbike!

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  • Ramu Pradip 22.03.2016

    How is the way back {Schaunisland -Freiburg}? Is it also a single trail ?

  • igorbaz 16.09.2016

    I done it years ago but if I´m not wrong is was a nice typical Schwarzwald path. This route could be done in oposite direction if you prefer to climb up to schaunisland easier and are good downhill. Could be even be combined with the canadian trail if you like enduro-downhill singletrails.

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