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Hochgeladen 27. März 2017

416 m
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18,26 km

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bei La Guirra, Canarias (España)

This is a great route but you need to be prepared to carry the bike as some of the climbs are not possibel on a bike. However, it is well worth the effort as the views on a clear day are simply spectacular. I also had the joy of watching a couple of Rooks trying to send off a couple of eagles but to no avail and again this was an awesome sight to watch. There is a lot of loose gravel, rocks and boulders in places so try and predict early the best time to get of the bike and carry. Once I had finnally made my way to far western edge of the ridge I was suprised to see a Trig point with a small plate on the base. The next stage was a little tricky and requires you to carry the bike down a failry steep slope until it is safe to get back on the bike for a bit of downhill towards the main track whihc brings you back to Caleta. The track is good going and you will pass an old open well not far from the main road. Suggestion is take a rucksack with plenty fluids and some snacks and enjoy the awesome views.


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