• Foto von Gavdos: Cape Tripiti
  • Foto von Gavdos: Cape Tripiti
  • Foto von Gavdos: Cape Tripiti
  • Foto von Gavdos: Cape Tripiti

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259 m
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bei Metóchia, Crete (Greece)

Tour on Gavdos Island to Cape Tripiti, the southernmost point of Europe.

Technical skills: Medium to hard. About 50% of the tour are on forest tracks, 25% on paved roads and 25% on single trails. The tracks are maintained well by the locals, but you should be able to ride your bike over loose rocks and gravel. There are some steps where you have to lift your bike, especially on the last meters to the cape.

Physical difficulty: Medium. The tour includes some exhausting climbs and steep passages.

Things to bring: A helmet, 2 litres of water, two bananas or energy bars. There are some restaurants and shops on the way: Two tavernas and a bakery in Kastri, as well as a taverna and a mini market at Karave Port. Try the authentic local food at taverna "Gogos Place", it's amazing!

Note: Avoid forest fires! Please don't smoke in the forest. Don't throw away bottles or garbage. Watch out for hikers, and don't scare away the goats. There may be some fences / gates on the forest tracks: If they are closed, close them again behind you to prevent the goats from running away. :)

Note: All photos by kernpanik, CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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