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Koordinaten 4739

Hochgeladen 24. August 2013

Aufgezeichnet August 2013

411 m
151 m
68,36 km

angezeigt 800 Mal, heruntergeladen 58 Mal

bei Berdorf, Grevenmacher (Lëtzebuerg)

grand raid mullerthal

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  • Foto von ferd

    ferd 28.08.2013

    Hi Rob
    Nothing against you posting tours here but you could give credit to the original one:

  • Rob Hendriks 30.08.2013

    Of course credits to the original one (sorry Ferdy). I didn't notice the route was posted on Wikiloc (I'm new to this).

    We took the original tour as a starting point, knowing that it would be a difficult one as we are relatively inexperienced in biking in hilly grounds. Especially at the start there was a lot of hiking instead of biking, which made us leave the original tour every now and then.

    Overall it was a great tour, nice climbs and descents and a great view.

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