2.844 m
85 m
410,38 km

angezeigt 2071 Mal, heruntergeladen 33 Mal

bei Jauchen, Bayern (Deutschland)

Sesvennahütte, Joe-Route
Ende Schiebestrecke
Bahnhofplatz Oberstdorf
schwere Trail-Abfahrt
Heilbronner Hütte
Heidelberger Hütte
li. kürzer aber schwieriger, Schiebestücke
re. halten über Wiese
Ende Schiebestrecke

3 Kommentare

  • dolwin 14.08.2012

    I rode from Oberstdorf to Ischgl it took me approximate 12 hrs. I had hoped to get into Switzerland but delayed by large amounts of "hike a bike". The 1st coll is more like a via farrata than a mountain bike route !
    There is also a long section (10Km ?) before the descent down to Ischgl which is manly a push.

    Despite all the pushing the views are stunning

  • nikaoj 25.01.2015

    Hi Ulrich, we are planning to do the Joe Route this summer. I just wanted to ask you if this track follows exactly the Joe Route or you introduce some variants? Thanks for your feedback.

  • Ulrich Hillebrand 26.01.2015

    Hi nikaoj, as I remember are the main parts real "Joe route" from a book. May be 10km are different to avoid boring situation. It a fantastic route you will never forget! Of course mountain biking includes carrying your bike some meters of ascent! Otherwise lay in your bed. Ulli

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