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bei Þingvellir, Suðurland (Ísland)

Old route between Botn in Hvaljförður to Þingvellir.

A very scenic but quite difficult route. You start off road 550 (Uxahryggjavegur) at the sign to Svartagil.

From there you follow a rough jeep track which gets rougher as you get higher. Its still cycleable but quite technical.
Once you are at the highest peak its the jeep track dissapears (near Krókatjarnir) and its time to cover some distance on foot more or less over grass and some marches. Just follow the waymarks westwards.
When you see the big lake pass it on the northern side and soon you find the track which you can follow all the way down the valley.
The route takes you past Glymur the highest waterfall in Iceland and you get a short glimps of it.

I reccomend cycling east to west.

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    Larusarni 30.07.2013

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    This track is paved with baby heads and worse but the downhill section on the north west end pays for it all, very demanding.

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