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bei Kalavárda, South Aegean (Greece)

Medium MTB tour from the village of Kalavarda to Salakos, Profitis Ilias Mountain, Elafos & Elafina Hotels, Eleousa village and back to Kalavarda.


Equipment: Hard tail or full-suspension CC mountain bike.

Technical skills: Easy to medium, perfect for beginners. The tour is mostly on secondary roads and forest tracks. The last bit is on the coastal road, which was not very trafficky when I did the tour.

Physical fitness: Medium. If you like to avoid steep uphill climbs, start at the end and do the tour in clockwise direction (Kalavarda - Fanes - Eleousa - Elafons & Elafina - Salakos - Kalavarda).

Things to bring: Helmet, sunblock, 2 liters of water, 2 bananas or energy bars. There are several Tavernas and shops on the way, and also two wells (see waypoints), but I'm not sure if the water is suitable for drinking.

There are lots of interesting things to see on the way:

+++ Nymphi Springs near Salakos (closed during off-season).
+++ Abandoned building in the forest with old cellars. You will find it at the point where the GPX track leaves the road to the right in the forest at km17. I saw some wildlife there and even disturbed a bat when I used my flashlight in one of the cellars.
+++ Abandoned forest mansion (see photo). Some call it "Mussolini's house", but it was built for his General De Vecchi, fascist Italian Governor of Rhodes. The view from the veranda is stunning.
+++ Elafos and Elafina, two hotels below De Vecchi's mansion, which were built during the same era.
+++ Agios Nikolaos Foundoukli, a 15th century chapel with dozens of byzantine paintings on the inside walls.
+++ Stunning view across the island from an old tower above Apollona village (see photo). You will find it at the point where the GPX track leaves the forest track to the right around km23.
+++ Abandoned sanatorium at the village square in Eleousa (see photo). The now defunct buildings were built during the italian era, too.

Note: Avoid forest fires. Please don't smoke in the forest. Don't throw away bottles or garbage.

Tags: Rhodos, Rhodes, Ρόδος, Profitis Ilias, Kalavarda, Elafos Hotel, Elafina Hotel, Mussolini's House


Not sure if the water is suitable for drinking.

15th century chapel and a well

Not sure if the water is suitable for drinking.


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