179 m
2 m
22,06 km

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bei Maladroxia, Sardegna (Italia)

This is a two-hour loop that will take you along some stunning coastal tracks.

From Maladroxia, ride up the gravel road until you hit the single track. It is a pleasant gradient with a few rocky bits that takes you to the next bay.

After you hit the road, turn left and stay on it for a km or two. After the old watchtower, you will drop onto an easy single track that takes you right down to some beaches. Very playful riding.

Near a little settlement on the southern tip of the peninsula you will hit a gravel road. Climb up to the ruin on top of the hill and turn right. What follows is a beautiful medium difficulty single track and stunning scenery. Beware of the loose rocks that can take out your front wheel.

At the bottom you get to a gorgous, secluded beach and cycle up to the road on bits of single track that are even flowy when ridden uphill! You will hit a gravel road after 10-15 min (there is a Nuragic/Bronze Age site there). Turn left onto the gravel road and then right onto another gravel road after a few metres.

Ride back to the start on gravel road and bits of road.

I'm sure you can continue along the coastal single track when you hit the Nuragic site. If you have the time, check it out!


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