• Foto von Seven Summits
  • Foto von Seven Summits
  • Foto von Seven Summits
  • Foto von Seven Summits
  • Foto von Seven Summits

Zeit  6 Stunden 24 Minuten

Koordinaten 1265

Hochgeladen 26. Februar 2009

Aufgezeichnet August 2007

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2.203 m
742 m
62,22 km

angezeigt 36488 Mal, heruntergeladen 520 Mal

bei Silica, British Columbia (Canada)

A 38 mile loop, 22 miles of which are singletrack, with 5800' of climbing. No doubt most people just drive to the trailhead, but the road has a nice wide shoulder most of the way so it's not a bad spin. There are shady spots to park at the bottom of the trail but I had to park in the sun to heat up my shower ;)

Took almost 6.5 hrs. but I passed a lot of people, so for most riders it will probably take longer.
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  • Foto von Northern Mountaineer

    Northern Mountaineer 16.07.2012

    High in my list of long singletrack rides. Thanks for sharing!

  • Foto von Freddy Klinger

    Freddy Klinger 01.09.2012

    Ich bin diesem Trail gefolgt  Mehr anzeigen

    One of the great trails around Rossland. Stayed in a bungalow in Red Mountain ski resort and did most part of this tracklog on my mtb. Several sections require good bike handling skills. I recommend it for mtb and trail running. Thanks for the post.

  • André Pinheiro 11.09.2012

    Beautiful! https://www.wikiloc.com/mountain-biking-trails/seven-summits-304826/photo-71513

  • Foto von Fabrício Évellin

    Fabrício Évellin 23.09.2012


  • Brah 30.11.2012


  • Foto von nperezg

    nperezg 21.01.2013

    Long way.

  • Foto von perlescaleyes

    perlescaleyes 27.01.2013

    un paisaje espectacular.

  • luciomar 23.02.2013

    boa noite! muito legal as fotos! só me de uma orientção não consigo postar minhas fotos das minhas trilhas. https://www.wikiloc.com/outdoor-trails/seven-summits-304826#wp-304827/photo-71509

  • Foto von Chencho bike

    Chencho bike 19.03.2013

    Guau!! Gran ruta, gran reto y maravillosos paisajes!
    Felicidades! https://www.wikiloc.com/mountain-biking-trails/seven-summits-304826/photo-71532

  • Foto von Jspn

    Jspn 11.04.2013

    Bona ruta

  • Foto von 扬子

    扬子 27.08.2013

    this is skin ? https://www.wikiloc.com/mountain-biking-trails/seven-summits-304826/photo-71536

  • Foto von Arash

    Arash 07.10.2013

    It seems "Seven summits" is used for the highest summits in seven continents. for more information please read:

  • Foto von ibrahimsousa

    ibrahimsousa 11.10.2013

    que lugar é esse

  • Foto von Paxx

    Paxx 22.06.2016

    Great pic, I've heard fantastic things about this trail! https://www.wikiloc.com/mountain-biking-trails/seven-summits-304826/photo-71516

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