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bei Bonarcado, Sardegna (Italia)

Bike ride through the countryside of Bonarcado and the eastern side of Montiferru, the itinerary is short but a bit challenging.. The tour starts and returns to the beautiful square that is home to the majestic Romanesque church of Santa Maria and the lovely sanctuary of Nostra Signora di Bonacattu of the Byzantine era. The first few kilometers are easy, through olive groves and dry stone walls bounding the country roads. A climb of about four kilometers brings you to dominate the plain of Oristano, in the middle of oak woods towards the heart of Montiferru mountains. The last part of the ride is a long descent back to the town, through the olive groves that produce one of the finest extra virgin olive oils of Sardinia.

Albergo Residenziale Sa Mola
Via Giardini - Bonarcado (OR)
+39 0783 56588

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