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937 m
42,16 km

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bei Surava, Chantun Grischun (Switzerland)

Wundersame Verkettung von Singletrails im Albulatal.
Surava - Pigni - Propossi Saura - Plaun Crappa Naira - Aclas Dafora - Aclas Davains - Raglauna - Schmittner Alp - Wiesner Alp - Heinisch Alp - Bärentritt - Viadukt Filisur - Surava.
Die Singletrails-Orgie muss verdient werden mit einem Knüppelharten Aufstieg zur Siedlung Propossi Saura.
Die Singletrails sind teilweise Handtuch-Schmal und in abschüssigem Gelände.
Mit absoluter Bike-Beherschung macht die Tour richtig Spass. Andernfalls könnte es zur Schiebetour werden.

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  • [email protected] 15.08.2018

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    Very nice tour, with fabulous single-track on flowy up and down sections and at times steep downhill. Nothing too technical, but at times challenging and fun. The harder aspect of this tour are the fierce uphills on gravel roads that are really really steep and slippery when very dry. There are one or two spots that are pretty exposed and falling off your bike there isn't an option, but they can obviously be passed by foot also. Some GPS tracking hiccups, so I recommend you download the map in the cache before starting your tour, as network might be unavailable in some parts. Also, it is possible to finish the tour following the river bank, next to the golf instead of riding on the main road, which I found to be a pretty nice detour. Thanks for the upload TG-tourer.

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