Zeit  15 Stunden 8 Minuten

Koordinaten 2140

Hochgeladen 30. September 2012

Aufgezeichnet September 2012

441 m
-44 m
28,59 km

angezeigt 2180 Mal, heruntergeladen 16 Mal

bei Siteía, Crete (Greece)

For some reason the time is wrong on Wikiloc, the actual time was 2hrs 20min

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  • Foto von cabaninaces

    cabaninaces 07.04.2019

    Hello dear Sir,
    I'm French Man and i'll go to SITIA 15 Days at the end of May. i study trails for hike and Mountain BIKE and i saw it.

    Could you say me if this trail is yet available, accessible. Is it interesting for tourism, is there special place along the road?Many thanks for all. Laurent DESCHUYTTER

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