2.593 m
1.606 m
28,93 km

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bei Zermatt, Canton du Valais (Swiss Confederation)

Nombre: Zermatt - Furi - Stafel - Zmuttgletscher - Schwartzsee - Furi - Zermatt 2013-08-14

Hora Inicio: 08/14/2013 09:30

Hora Fin: 08/14/2013 13:58

Distancia recorrida: 29 km (04:28)

Tiempo en movimiento: 03:01

Velocidad media: 6,5 km/h

Vel. en Mov.: 9,6 km/h

Velocidad Máxima: 33,5 km/h

Altura Mínima: 1606 m

Altura Máxima: 2593 m

Velocidad Ascenso: 507,8 m/h

Velocidad Descenso: -787,6 m/h

Ganancia Altitud: 1183 m

Pérdida Altitud: -1214 m

Tiempo Ascenso: 02:19

Tiempo Descenso: 01:32

4 Kommentare

  • javiercapi 27.07.2014

    Is that a easy patch? The patch is without rocks?

  • Foto von Javier Pérez Piferrer

    Javier Pérez Piferrer 27.07.2014

    Most of the pathway is easy. You'll find rocks near the glacier, and a

  • Foto von Javier Pérez Piferrer

    Javier Pérez Piferrer 27.07.2014

    couple of hard slopes at the waydown, because it's a sky slope. I had to put my feet on the ground for some meters (maybe 200 m, maybe more, I don't remember), but I´m not a great descender, and I ride a cross country bike.
    Saving those points the ride is great, and main difficuty is in the climbing hardness.
    Enjoy it!

  • Jujugav 27.08.2017

    Ich bin diesem Trail gefolgt  Mehr anzeigen

    Beau parcours qui se fait tout sur le vélo

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