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  • Foto von Kornić - Omišalj
  • Foto von Kornić - Omišalj
  • Foto von Kornić - Omišalj
  • Foto von Kornić - Omišalj
  • Foto von Kornić - Omišalj

Zeit  4 Stunden 28 Minuten

Koordinaten 4930

Hochgeladen 23. September 2015

Aufgezeichnet September 2015

422 m
43 m
68,13 km

angezeigt 4615 Mal, heruntergeladen 316 Mal

bei Kornić, Primorsko-Goranska (Hrvatska)

nice one! First of all: thanks to @SonDenis - he inspired me doing this track! watching krk from a different way. most of the time, i think you can handle this one with a small suv. the trail is sometimes really narrow. that's the most obvious problem. don't be afraid of the ramp, starting also my short track: "uphill'n'downhill", just open and lift it up, and pass right through. i also talked to a local (maybe a kind of farmer - met him at the hill), who said to me, that they (government) sometimes lock that ramp. so i really recommend to ride this course the same direction i did, otherwise maybe you will be locked up and have to ride back till Vrbnik! But also not the badest option! :-D
the only sketchy part (maybe for a suv) was the last "drop-down" to the street: you think, the road is out there - but no way! Just drive down to the "main street" - just trust the gps... ;-)

2 Kommentare

  • Foto von Josh92

    Josh92 16.01.2019

    Looks amazing mate! Very keen to do that track in June..are there good spots to camp?

  • Foto von Laughing Lukas

    Laughing Lukas 31.08.2019

    What do you mean with ramp? Could you explain?
    And is there a sign somewhere that says driving is prohibited?

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