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52 m
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bei Terrebonne, Québec (Canada)


3 Kommentare

  • Foto von spyke555

    spyke555 18.01.2019

    This trail is on private property, please make sure you have the authorization of the land owners before proceeding.
    Ce tracé est sur des terrains privées, assurez vous d'avoir l'authorisation des proprietaires avant d'y aller.

  • Ancientgods47 14.07.2019

    How can i get his approval

  • Foto von spyke555

    spyke555 20.07.2019

    Ancientgods47, that's the problem. So many people go there without authorization that the city has put in place regulations prohibiting off roading within city limits. More over there are likely multiple owners that need to be contacted to get authorization. It's not impossible, but highly unlikely that you can go there legally.

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