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bei Hanmer Springs, Canterbury (New Zealand)

The Rainbow Road is one of the must-do’s of the Upper South Island for adventure riders. The road is a private road that was constructed to allow maintenance access to the power lines that the road follows. The land’s leaseholder allows public access from Boxing Day 26 December to 5pm on Easter Monday, outside this period you may get access by contacting the farm manager of Lone Star Farms. There is a toll levied for road access which is payable at a gate and farm near the northern end of the road and at the time of writing the toll was $15 per motorcycle. Along the road you will be treated to stunning views, wandering stock and a variety of terrain including one of the highest roads in NZ. There are also several places to camp which are detailed at the DOC pages linked to above.

The Rainbow Road can be a very exposed, harsh environment with temperatures ranging from below freezing to above 30 degrees with wind and rain. There is no cell phone reception and no recovery service so riders need to be self sufficient. While the track is usually easily passable it is not actively maintained and recent weather could have caused slips or flooding of the various fords on the northern section of the road. Riders should ensure they have enough petrol to enable them to turn back and cover the 112km return journey if required.
Wairau Valley Hwy
Clarence Valley Rd and Tophouse Rd

4 Kommentare

  • Foto von JNaWK

    JNaWK 28.02.2016

    Ich bin diesem Trail gefolgt  Mehr anzeigen

    Its a pretty decent road, can be done in 2WD. 4WD level of ground clearance required though.

  • bigkuri 17.02.2018

    Mid Feb 2018 it is $40 for a 4x4, $20 motorbike, and $5 bicycle. The toll is open 0700 to 1800. If you are late it is double charge, if there is even someone there to unlock it.
    Fun track, the earthquake and slip repairs add a bit of rawness. Recommended. As said, 2wd is fine with 4x4 ground clearance, but only when she's dry.

  • AJbleckhawk 01.04.2018

    Is Tall open tomorrow?

  • traversenewzealand 08.01.2019

    Ich bin diesem Trail gefolgt  Mehr anzeigen

    A truly great drive. Loved every minute. Will be doing this again. There is a great camp site. Fun Fun Fun

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