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Kalomo is a small town about 126km from Livingstone and 347km from Lusaka. It has a general hospital that serves the whole district, a BP petrol station and Catholic and Anglican churches. On the Livingstone side of town you'll find Chris's Guesthouse (no connection with the author), and the main police station. In the centre is the Kalomo Hotel.

About 20km north of Kalomo is Wildlives Game Farm, tel: 032 65217, a game ranch set on a pleasant site with chalets and camping.

Excursions from Kalomo
Administrator's House
Between the centre of Kalomo and its main suburb/township is a national monument, the Administrator's House. This was built around 1903–04 for the Administrator of Northwestern Rhodesia, as appointed by the British South African Company. Then Kalomo was the 'capital' of the territory, and the house is said to be the first non-traditional brick house built in Northern Rhodesia. It is now occupied and so not open to the public. As you pass though Kalomo there's a small monument by the roadside to record this history.

Kalundu Mound
About 3km north of Kalomo, on the main road, is a slightly raised mound (a matter of just a few metres) of earth through which the road passes. This marks the site of an Iron-Age village, and the mound is the accumulated debris of many centuries of occupation.

It was excavated in the late fifties and early sixties when the road was being built, and the archaeologists estimated that it might have been occupied as early as the 4th century ad, although it was certainly full of people from about AD800–1300. (Note that the occupants during this latter period are sometimes referred to by Zambian archaeologists as following the 'Kalomo Tradition'.)


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