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  • Foto von Grave Flats Base Camp
  • Foto von Grave Flats Base Camp
  • Foto von Grave Flats Base Camp
  • Foto von Grave Flats Base Camp

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Koordinaten 9205

Hochgeladen 2. Juli 2014

Aufgezeichnet Juli 2014

1.972 m
1.446 m
205,25 km

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bei Grave Flats, Alberta (Canada)

Grave Flats Base Camp

8 Kommentare

  • soupcan4 04.07.2015

    Has anyone fished in the river? https://www.wikiloc.com/atv-trails/grave-flats-base-camp-7205627/photo-4086212

  • CBell 04.07.2015

    We haven't. And don't recall seeing anyone fishing. https://www.wikiloc.com/atv-trails/grave-flats-base-camp-7205627/photo-4086212

  • soupcan4 04.07.2015

    Any good camping along the trail? https://www.wikiloc.com/atv-trails/grave-flats-base-camp-7205627/photo-4086212

  • CBell 05.07.2015

    No designated areas that I remember but you could tent camp a few hundred feet from Ruby falls. There is a fire pit and picnic table set up. https://www.wikiloc.com/atv-trails/grave-flats-base-camp-7205627/photo-4086212

  • soupcan4 05.07.2015

    What is the trails like?
    My kids want to get into quadding

  • CBell 05.07.2015

    From our campsite at the road, going to Ruby Falls there was a narrow river to cross that could be dangerous if the water is high. When there is a lot of rain or in the spring of the year. Usually 2 ft deep when I've been there in late June early July. A little bit of mud and hills at the beginning. This is a good day trip. The trail is like riding in a dried-up riverbed with lots of washed round rock /stone. Sometimes a little difficult to find the trail most people use. But well worth the 20 k trip. When you get to the end of the trail there is a picnic table and fire pit for having lunch. Falls is a short walk towards mountain. You can also take a walk above falls and see the deep crevices cut into the rock from water. If the river is high there are numerous trails on camp side of river to take. All have a little mud, hills and good riding. If the kids are younger, inexperienced with there own quad I would not let them cross the river. If they ride double with an experienced rider, trails on both sides of river are good. https://www.wikiloc.com/atv-trails/grave-flats-base-camp-7205627/photo-4086212

  • sparky2129 13.07.2016

    Me and a friend are thinking about doing this trail. Is there any camping at the start maybe a staging area or along the way? and if it was easily available to get gas along the way. I know it will be mostly trails and very unlikely to refuel along the way but friend was asking. any help would be great.

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