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bei Vo Sinistro, Trentino - Alto Adige (Italia)

Cycle tour from the Adige valley (Avio) up the Monte Baldo (via Bocca Navena to Bocca del Creer at 1617 meters) and down to Mori and back to Avio through the Adige valley. In Adige valley partly via the cycle path Ciclopista del Sole. Strenuous climb with a lot of hairpins from Avio through Valle dei Molini and then up Monte Dossioli (1467 m). From there slightly downhill to Bocca Navene (1425 m) and then up to the highest point at Bocca del Creer (1617 m). Col with statistics can be found as Bocca di Navene (South from Avio) on cyclingcols.com. Good quality roads. Starting point at parking at exit from A22 Brennero-Modena toll road.

Bocca del Creer

Highest point on the route with good views of the Monte Baldo mountain chain.

Bocca Navene

Panoramic view over Garda Lake at a saddle point in the Monte Baldo mountain ridge.


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