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bei Coiano, Toscana (Italia)


Sortida a Sant Giminiano per Gambassi terme el primer tram es pujada amb rampes del 10 % fins arribar a boscotondo carretera SP4 despres segueix per una zona de tobogans durant uns 4 km i ja baixada cap a Sant Giminiano, es canvia de carretera cap a Certaldo SP1 i d’aqui Cap Castelfiorentino aquests 20 km últims es pràcticament pla fins tornar cap a Coiano amb la pujada al poble que se les porta.

Departure to Sant Giminiano for Gambassi Term the first section is raised with ramps of 10% until arriving at Boscotondo SP4 highway, afterwards follows by a zone of slides during about 4 km and already lowered towards San Giminiano, it changes of highway towards Certaldo SP1 and from here to Castelfiorentino, these last 20 km are practically flat until you return to Coiano with the ascent to the town that takes you.


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