1.365 m
574 m
101,45 km

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bei Liptovská Ondrašová (Slovenská republika)

The track starts in Liptovsky Mikulas train station. First kilometres to leave this town and then first climb begins. Its a very long climb, about 45 km going up, but not so hard, specially first km with very light slopes. At the end of this first climb, maybe the best landscapes in the track, in the surroundings of Strbske Pleso lake. Then going down till Vysoke Tatry where there is the second climbing. Its similar to the third one, around 2/3 km with a 250m of heigh difference and some 10-12% slopes. It was just to make it a little bit harder. Finally coming back to Poprad where the track finish.
Route 100% cyclable for road bikes and in a awesome landscape and atmosphere.


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