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bei Ouren, Wallonia (Belgique)

This bike trip takes you along the Belgian-German border between the tripoint D-B-L and Verscheid and back. Highlights are the scenic Our valley, the quiet Eifel scenery with excellent views, the stretch of Eifel-Ardennen Radweg, and the short stretch through Luxemburg. The outward journey takes you mainly through Belgium, and the return journey mainly through Germany, and a bit through Luxemburg. In principle, the trip takes you on roads as close as possible to the border, but once and a while the border is crossed or more interesting roads are chosen. This trip is suited for the racing bike, apart from 500 meter of semi-paved forest road near Heckhuscheid, which you could avoid (see waypoint for more information). In Verscheid the route connects to another cycling route along the Belgian/German border to Mützenich: https://nl.wikiloc.com/routes-fietsen/mutzenich-manderfeld-and-back-along-the-b-d-border-130-km-29523353.
The trip starts at a small parking next to the Europe monument and near the tripoint B-D-L. You follow the Our valley through Ouren, Peterskirche and Oberhausen to Stupbach. Here you cross the Our and the border, and follow the Our back to Welchenhausen. Here you climb the K155 out of the valley, only to descend into it again via the Diepert border crossing. Down in the Our valley, you cycle to the Ulf valley with a view of Steffeshausen. Here you climb to Bracht, and then on to Maspelt. During your descent in the Our valley you already see the E42 viaduct. Down in the valley you follow the Vennbahn route along the Our, and then continue below the E42 viaduct to Steinebrück. A cycle path brings you to a cycle bridge across the Our/border, but you keep to the Belgian side and follow quiet roads through the Our valley to the N626, and then follow this slightly busier road to Schönberg and then on to Andler. Here you take a minor road along the Our which takes you across the border to Wischeid and then on to Verscheid. Just before Verscheid you leave the Our valley to climb to Auw bei Prüm. Here you follow the L1 road along the border with good views all around to Bleialf. Here you descend through the village to the Eifel-Ardennen-Radweg, a beautiful cycle path through the valley on a former railroad track. You directly pass through a tunnel and continue through the Ihrenbach valley back to the Our and the border, along wetlands and across a makeshift bridge at Heltenbacher Mühle. Before the Our, you follow the K102 to Steinebrück and then climb to Elcherath, with occasional good views of the E42 viaduct. You continue to Winterspelt, where you descend to Heckhalenfeld in very quiet valley. Here you take the Waldweg up towards Heckhuscheid, through the forest. Initially paved, the road turns into a forest gravel road for 500 m. It is possible for a racing bike, but not ideal. If you want to give it a miss, you need to continue on the L16 in Winterspelt, and turn right on the L1 to Heckhuscheid. If you choose to take the quiet Waldweg, you continue for 500 m until you leave the forest and get to the paved road amid wind mills. The country lane takes you Heckhuscheid where you continue on the L1 to Grosskampenberg. Shortly after you pass a section of the Siegfriedlinie. The L1 takes you to Lützkampen and then on towards Dahnen. The road takes you on the hill ridge with great views across the Our valley to Belgium and Luxemburg. Just before Dahnen you descend to the Our valley at Tintesmühle, and then climb to Kalborn and on towards Heinerscheid. Here, you go to Lieler where you descend back to the starting point. Here, I rode to the tripoint on a short stretch of unpaved road, which is next to a bridge in the middle of the Our river. This is a quiet and scenic spot, with border stones. You can also visit the Europe monument next to the parking, dedicated to the establishment of the European Union.
You can find something to eat and drink in Schönberg, Bleialf (in the center and near the start of the tunnel), and between Sevenig and Dahnen.

Auw bei Prüm

The church in the center of the village Auw bei Prüm


Larger village with white church

Bleialfer Straße

Road to Bleialf taking you on the crest of hills towards Bleialf

Border Diepert

Border crossing at the hamlet Diepert

Climb Bracht

Climb to Bracht

Climb K155

Here the climb on the K155 out of the Our valley starts

Climb to Heinerscheid

Here the climb to Heinerscheid starts from the Our valley

Climb to Winterspelt

Here you start the climb to Winterspelt via Elcherath with views of the E42

Climb Verschneid-Auw bei Prüm

Here your climb to Auw bei Prüm starts

Cycle Path Steinebrück

Cycle path through pasture close to the Our river

Descent Maspelt-Our

Descent on forest road from Maspelt to the Our valley with views of the E42 viaduct

Descent to Heckhalenfeld

Descent to Heckhalenfeld. If you want to avoid the 500 m semi-paved forest road you continue here along the L16 and then the L1

Descent to Tintesmühle

Here the descent with spectacular views to Tintesmühle starts

Descent to Tripoint

Here you descend to the tripoint

Eifel Ardennen Radweg

The Eifel Ardennen Radweg is a beautiful paved cycling path between the Belgian border and Prüm

Europa Monument

Monument commemorating the foundation of the (predecessor of the) European Union


Road between Heinerscheid and Lieler with great views towards and across the Our valley


Border road K102 with views of the E42 viaduct

L1 Lützkampen-Dahnen

The L1 between Lützkampen and Dahnen takes you across the ridge of hills flanking the Our valley

Our bridge

Bridge across the Our. Also the border between Luxemburg and Germany. Actually, the river is a condominium. The border is not in the middle, but the entire river is governed by both Germany and Luxemburg.

Our valley

You get down to the Our valley and meet up with the Vennbahn and the border


Church in Ouren-Peterskirchen

Road Andler-Verschneid

Minor road along the Our, crossing the border between Andler and Verschneid

Road Our valley Weppeler-Andler

You ride through the Our valley between Weppeler and Andler

Road to Heckhuscheid

Minor roard to Heckhuscheid between the wind mills

Semi-paved forest track

The Waldweg starts out as a newly paved forest road, but then suddenly turns into a semi-paved forest road, initially with rather large stones. A bit further, the unpaved road gets better, and after 500 m it is done. You ride slowly anyway as you go up the hill, and the route is nice and quiet. If you want to give it a miss, take the L16 in Winterspelt, and then the L1.


Remnants of the Siegfriedlinie, the former western defense line of Germany

Stoubach-Weichenhausen along the Our

Here you cross the Our and the border and ride back along the river to Weichenhausen


Top of the Tommerberg above Bracht with characteristic shelter

Tripoint B-D-L

The tripoint between Belgium, Germany and Luxemburg is just beside the footbridge between Germany and Belgium. Actually, the Our is a condominium. The entire river is governed by both Germany and Luxemburg.


Former railroad tunnel in the Eifel-Ardennen Radweg.

Viaduct E42

Viaduct of the E42, the motorway crossing the Our valley and the border

View Steffeshausen

View of Steffeshausen in the Our valley


Here the Waldweg starts, a forest road climbing from Heckhalenfeld towards Heckhuscheid. The road is paved initially, then turns into a semi-paved forest road for 500 m, and continues on as a minor paved road to Heckhuscheid

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