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bei Ouren, Wallonia (Belgique)

This bike trip takes you along the Luxemburg-German border between the tripoint D-B-L and Wallendorf and back. Highlights are the scenic Our valley from Ouren in Belgium to Wallendorf at various locations, the quiet Eifel scenery with excellent views, and Vianden with its impressive castle. The outward journey takes you mainly through Germany, and the return journey mainly through Luxemburg. In principle, the trip takes you on roads as close as possible to the border, but once and a while the border is crossed or more interesting roads are chosen. This trip is suited for the racing bike, and is marked difficult as it contains quite a few climbs (>2000 meters ascent), with occasionally steep sections, but experienced cyclists may rate it ‘Average’. Near the tripoint the route connects to another cycling route along the Belgian-German border to Verscheid: https://nl.wikiloc.com/routes-fietsen/tripoint-b-d-l-to-verscheid-and-back-along-the-b-d-border-106-km-30476403. The German-Luxemburg border follows the Our river from the tripoint to where it flows in the Sûre near Wallendorf, apart from a small stretch of border east of the river near Vianden. The river itself is a condominium which means it is governed both by Germany and Luxemburg, a quite rare type of sovereignty.
The trip starts at a small parking next to the Europe monument near the tripoint D-B-L. You follow the Our valley to Ouren (Belgium) and then climb out of the valley on the Kemperberg, a quiet road to the German border with a stretch of ~17%. Once in Germany you follow the L1 road with takes you south parallel to the border with good views towards the Our valley and Luxemburg. After Dahnen you take a road down to Dasburg. Once in the village you keep right on a small road which very steeply (~25%) descends on cobblestones to the center, with the castle on a hill. When it is raining, it would be better to keep left at the waypoint. On the B410 you go up the hill again on a gradual climb on the B410 and L1 to Preischeid. After Preischeid you continue on the K48 which descends to Übereisenbach in the Our valley. You cycle along the valley to Gemünd and then ascend on another smooth climb to Rodershausen. Back on the L1 you descend a bit to Bauler followed by a small climb. Shortly after you descend on a minor country road to the Luxemburg border, and then descend further through the forest to the outskirts of Vianden. With good views of Vianden castle you continue down further to the Our river, and the center of town. You leave the town and Luxemburg again on the road to Bitburg. After passing the border you cycle past Roth castle and then follow the K5 minor road through the scenic Our valley to Wallendorf. Here you cross the river and the border into Luxemburg, and then follow the scenic cycling route ‘piste cyclable des Trois Rivières) to Hoesdorf. Here you follow the main road N10 to Bettel back along the river. Here you make a short detour on small country roads through the valley floor and then take the N17b slightly up to Fouhren. Here you take another cycling route, the PC22 ‘Piste cyclable des Ardennes’ on a former railroad track past Bettel station down to the Our valley near Vianden. You cross the Our and follow it a bit into Vianden, and then turn back to take a small and steep (600 m at an average 15%) road up through the forest to the N17. You follow this main access road to Vianden a while and then take a minor road just past a viewpoint of the castle to arrive to the upper reaches of Vianden, just below the castle. Through a cobble-stoned road with typical houses you descend to the Our, and then follow the road on the west bank to the Our reservoir dam just north of Vianden. You cycle along the reservoir to Bivels and then connect back with the N10 and follow this main road through the Our valley most of the way to the bridge below Dasburg (Dasbourg Pont). Here the N10 leaves the valley for the climb to Marnach. There were road works on this section of the N10 during my trip that may last into 2020, but were no real problem on a bike on a Sunday. You leave the N10 twice for stretches on quieter roads, the first stretch with a steep section on pasture above Waldbierg, and the second stretch via the village of Roder. From Marnach, you keep altitude on minor roads and cycling routes past Fischbach, Grindhausen, Hupperdange and Heinerscheid until you descend to Lieler, a village on the road back down to where you started. Here, I rode to the tripoint on a short stretch of unpaved road. The tripoint (not actually a point as the Our is a condominium) is next to a bridge across the Our river on the Belgian side of the tripoint. This is a quiet and scenic spot, with border stones. You can also visit the Europe monument next to the parking, dedicated to the establishment of the European Union.
You can find something to eat and drink along the L1 before Dahnen, in Vianden, near Obereisenbach, Dasbourg-Pont, and Heinerscheid, with your best bet being Vianden (multiple options).


Village on the Our reservoir on the inside of a river meander. There is a cycling path along the reservoir after which you have to climb out of the village to get back to the N10.

Border Lux-D N17/B50

Border between Germany and Luxemburg

Bridge across Our at Wallendorf

Bridge across the Our and the border. The Our is only a short while from flowing into the Sûre here

Château de Vianden

Castle of Vianden above the village and the Our valley.

Climb to Marnach via Roder

Here at Dasbourg Pont starts the climb to Marnach via the N10. Twice along the climb you take a quieter route. There were road works on this section that may last into 2020, and may cause you to take another route (the CR342 from Rodershausen which is about 700 meters longer) . However, when I did this climb on a Sunday, it was possible despite the road works, taking some gravel and bad asphalt for granted.

Climb to Preischeid

The climb from Dasburg via the B410 and L1 to Preischeid is not very steep.

Climb to Rodershausen

Climb from the village of Gemünd to Rodershausen via the L10 and L1. I saw a dead roe deer on the way. The first 3 km are in the woods. Gradual climb.

Descent K149 to Dasburg

From here you descend to Dasburg

Descent on minor road to Vianden

Here starts a descent on a minor road which takes you to the border and then through forest to the outskirts of Vianden, and then on a descent with a view of the castle.

Descent to Tripoint

You descend here on the CR338 to the tripoint

Europa Monument

Monument commemorating the foundation of the (predecessor of the) European Union

Field road in Our valley

Field road on a flat valley floor near the Our

From Fischbach to Lieler

On this section you more or less stay on the same height away from the N7 highway through quiet countryside.

K48 in Our Valley

You follow the K48 along the Our for a short while

K48 to Übereisenbach

From here you descend, climb and descend to Übereisenbach in the Our valley

K5 - Our valley

You follow the quiet K5 through the Our valley to Wallendorf


Climb from Ouren to the border and then on to the L1. Steep section of ~17% when climbing out of the village


The L1 you across the ridge of hills flanking the Our valley

Minor road and steep ascent

This is probably the most difficult climb of the day with about 600 meters averaging 14-15 % through the forest. Out of the forest the climb flattens off with a view of the castle in Vianden. The climb is on a very minor road.

N10 through Our valley

You follow the N10 through the Our valley from here to Dasbourg Pont where the road climbs out of the valley. This is probably the busiest road of the day.

Our bridge and cycle path along Our

You cross the Our (not the border here) and follow the river on a cycling path towards the center of Vianden, before turning back to do the most difficult climb of the day.

Our valley

Our valley in Belgium between the tripoint and Ouren

Piste Cyclable des Ardennes PC22

Cycling path on former railway line

Piste Cyclable des Trois Rivières

Here you enter the PC3 cycling route on a minor road (not for cars) slightly climbing (with one short steep section after a turn) to Hoesdorf

Reservoir Dam and Our reservoir

Here is the Our reservoir Dam. You cycle along and across the reservoir from here

Schloss Roth

Roth castle

Small street with steep descent and cobblestones

You go right here on a small road that later turns into a very steep road with cobblestones with a view of the castle. On a wet day you may consider going straight on for a smoother descent to the B410

Tripoint D-B-Lux

The tripoint between Belgium, Germany and Luxemburg is just beside the footbridge between Germany and Belgium. Actually, the Our is a condominium. The entire river is governed by both Germany and Luxemburg. You get to the tripoint via a short unpaved road.


The Grand-Rue in Vianden takes you down from the castle to the Our along typical houses

Vianden - Pont sur l'Our

Bridge across the Our in Vianden

Viewpoint castle

Viewpoint of Vianden castle


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