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bei Mont-Pelerin, Canton de Vaud (Switzerland)

Suiza - 457 - Raquetas - Parcours du Mont-Pèlerin Mont-Pèlerin, Baumaroche–Mont-Pèlerin, Baumaroche

Plein Ciel panoramic lift

The Plein Ciel lift whisks visitors 65 metres above the ground to the top of the Mont-Pèlerin telecom tower (at an altitude of 1,080 metres), from where they can enjoy a breathtaking view stretching from Lake Geneva to the Jorat forests, across the UNESCO-listed vineyards, the Rhône valley, the pastures of the Swiss plains and the Vevey vineyards. This 360° panorama has attracted more than 50,000 people in the two years since it has been open. The Plein Ciel lift is an hour’s walk from the Vevey-Mont-Pèlerin funicular railway station. The walk back down to Vevey, through forests, fields and vineyards overlooking Lake Geneva, takes around 3 hours. WARNING ! The site will be closed due to works from September 13, 2019. Reopening Spring 2020.


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