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bei Crested Butte, Colorado (United States)

[EN]Fantastic back country ski trail nearby Crested Butte, we went up to the locally known as Red Lady peak, through a private property area that the hard work of locals has avoided until nowadays to become a mine. It is accessible in winter although it's better to ask the locals before going there. Remember to leave nothing else that your ski tracks.

[ES]Magnífica salida por los alrededores de Crested Butte, concretamente en la zona de Red Lady, área de propiedad privada en donde la resistencia del pueblo ha evitado hasta ahora que se transforme en una mina. Es accesible en invierno aunque mejor preguntar a una persona local antes de ir.
Tuvimos la suerte de ir acompañados por Xavi Fané, quien muchos de vosotros conoceréis por sus reportajes en la revista Solonieve o por sus excelentes fotografías.

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    This is a safe and great ride up to Red Lady's summit. There's a small shelter at the end of this trail where you can change your gear before going down. I love Crested Butte! a visit to the MTB museum is highly recommended! Thanks for sharing.

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