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bei Aldergrove, British Columbia (Canada)

A network of hiking and equestrian trails, with some bicycling trails. Of interest for its surficial geology features, with large glacial erratic boulders dropped at end of last great ice age. An example of a successful restoration of former sand and gravel quarries.

Trails are graded for pedestrian-only, for horse and pedestrian, or for bicycle-horse-pedestrian (see map). Bicycles can cross park in easterly or westerly direction using an appropriate trail. Lots of off-trail grassland is open for horses.
Main access road to park. Large parking lot with facilities and picnic areas.
a hilly forest trail in the north part of the park
wet low area near Pepin Brook
bridge crossing with bench, endangered fish species
Turn in is right across road from large active gravel quarry site. The Quarry has placed antique shovels and other historical machinery on display near the entrance gate. Use caution crossing road if you go to look at this.
Boulder carried during last ice age and deposited here on top of sand and gravel deposits when the ice melted.
at the center of the old quarry, example of successful restoration, abundant duck activity.
panoramic views to south and southwest over blueberry farms with distant mountains
on grassy highland overlooking the Marsh Pond, with distant mountains

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  • Foto von mclivancouver

    mclivancouver 25.01.2016

    South trail, view over blueberry farms, Mount Baker on a clearer day. https://www.wikiloc.com/walking-trails/aldergrove-regional-park-bc-12062114/photo-7390726

  • Foto von mclivancouver

    mclivancouver 25.01.2016

    Marsh Pond https://www.wikiloc.com/walking-trails/aldergrove-regional-park-bc-12062114/photo-7390727

  • Foto von mclivancouver

    mclivancouver 25.01.2016

    One of the picnic spots at main entrance parking https://www.wikiloc.com/outdoor-trails/aldergrove-regional-park-bc-12062114#wp-12062115/photo-7390729

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