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bei Lumberton, North Carolina (United States)

On this walking tour, one will learn greatly of the how the culture and the community of Lumberton’s downtown area uses history and fun to bring residents together.

Robeson County History Museum

The Robeson County History Museum's vision is to benefit the public as a cultural, dynamic, vibrant and exciting organization that is involved in the past and present of the county. The museum is located conveniently two blocks from The Plaza, the center of downtown Lumberton, just behind the Robeson County Public Library. The museum is housed in the reconstructed historic Southern Express Building along the banks of the Lumber River.

Robeson County Public Library

The Robeson County Public Library is one of the most used buildings downtown. From remembrance of the Green Thumb Garden Club to Saturday Stories, locals love to stay in touch with the history and fun filled in the building.

Exploration Station

The Exploration Station is one of the coolest and newer areas of downtown. Their mission is to mission is to engage young children through creative and diverse experiences, exhibits, and educational programming that feature science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM), and advanced manufacturing which will foster life-long learning. With many hands-on experiences, activities and even hosting birthday parties, the Exploration Station is always a great time no matter how old one is.

The Old Fire Station and City Hall

Built in 1917 at a cost of $11,000, this building in downtown Lumberton has been a fire station and city hall. Although one can barely read the sign on the wall, this old fire station and City Hall is full of history. The building is no longer in use, but citizens refuse to let the city tear it down. Recently, in February 2018, a buyer came forth to buy the old building and renovate it, in hopes to not only preserve the old history behind it, but to also bring more visitors to the downtown area.

Reconstruction of the Quad

The Quad is the Plaza, the center of downtown. This is where the first Rumba on the Lumber (community walks, runs and vendors come out) took place, where the city’s Christmas tree always stands tall and lit, and simply a common place that brings the community together. After Hurricanes Matthew and Florence, renovations have been slowed, but the Plaza is becoming a bigger area to host local talents under the Southeastern Health Shelter.

Downtown Lumberton Historic District

This is what the downtown directly used to look like. Holding flyers of what was going on and directions to places, this podium was a necessity. Now the podium stands as an antique in remembrance of what was.

The Carolina Civic Center

The Carolina Civic center, also built in 1917 is still busier than ever. Home to many community plays and a very popular Robeson County Christmas, the civic center is not only teaching and finding talented citizens, but also uses history of the area to bring entertainment to locals. What’s different is this theater closed it’s doors in the 70’s for about 10 years. However, citizens got together to buy this theater from its company owner to open the doors back up, specializing in a cultural arts center.

Robeson County Courthouse

The Robeson County Courthouse was build in 1848 and had constantly grown since. The courthouse definitely holds many cases, but historically as well. Side note, Michael Jordan’s dad was murdered in Lumberton and his trail was held in this courthouse.

Robeson Proctor Law Building and Garden

Historic Robeson Inc. bought this building in 1974. Many people could not figure out the purpose of this building, but it was actually the first brick structure, not only in Lumberton, but in Robeson County. The first telephone line was installed in that building as well. Obviously, it’s the oldest building in Lumberton and has been renovated simply to restore crumbling brick. There is a small collection of period artifacts and documents housed here.

Alive After Five Area

To many, this looks like a parking lot, but to Lumberton residents this is the place to be during summer, Thursday evenings. During the set weeks, bands of beach music, oldies, jazz and feel good music come to the area, set up their stage and play music for the locals. This also is an opportunity for local vendors. Vendor tents are setup through the parking lot, selling food, drinks, merchandise and beer to the locals as they enjoy a fun night with friends and neighbors.

Robeson County Outreach Center

The Outreach Center has become quite popular lately, sadly. This center helps those who are in need of shelter, food, everyday needs, etc. This is important to realize because Lumberton has been victims of two terrible hurricanes who let many without power, water or even homes. This Outreach Center was the first to step to the plate to assist our city.

Lumber River

History reveals that for more than one hundred years, the Lumber River held an important place in the economy of the area through which it flows. Unfortunately, no one has left a complete account of how the river was used, but there is enough in old records to show that it was a major path of transportation for goods and people and that there were dreams of even greater use for it. Now, during the holidays, companies gather to decorate lighted boats to ride down the river for an electrical parade. The winner gets mostly bragging rights and small prizes. This river also flooded the south side of Lumberton when Hurricane Florence came to visit.

The African American Cultural Center

Here resides collections of artifacts, paintings, photographs, contributions and accomplishments of local African Americans. With guided tours, one can learn not only of the heritage and culture, but even their neighbor.

Main Shops on Elm

It may not look like much, but downtown does still have some things going on. Down Elm Street, one can find a grocery store, many local shops, hair salons, restaurants and, of course, bail bondsmen. This helps signify that although Lumberton isn't rich and withstands many setbacks, the town still finds a way to keep culture and history alive.


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