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bei Maråk, Møre og Romsdal (Norge)

Subida al mirador del Geiranger (lengua del fiordo Nordfjord, Noruega).

Considerado Patrimonio de la Humanidad, es uno de los atractivos turísticos de Noruega. Esta es una de las rutas que, si no se dispone de mucho tiempo, permiten ver el fiordo. La ruta es sencilla, aunque el piso en algunas zonas no está bien pisado. Se siguen marcas rojas en forma de V. En esta ruta podemos ir a otro mirador.

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Fotografía del camino que seguimos
Giramos a la derecha. A nuestra izquierda queda otro mirador.
Vista panorámica del fiordo
Fotografía del fiordo

2 Kommentare

  • Foto von cyiannou

    cyiannou 25.07.2018

    Ich bin diesem Trail gefolgt  verifiziert  Mehr anzeigen

    Maybe this is an “easy” kid friendly trail if you are a member of the special forces and your kids are Olympians in training!

    It’s not hard but it’s not easy and unless your kids are somewhat experienced hikers and not too young I wouldn’t take them on this trail when a fall can result in a plunge of hundreds of feet into the Geinrangerfjord. But the views will mollify the grumpiest of critics (they sure did me!). My God! What a spectacular panoramic view of the fjord!

    Just be careful, don’t slip and gird your loins for some steep climb.

  • Foto von Medley

    Medley 26.07.2018

    Thanks for your comment cyiannou. So sorry if you feel unconfortable with the trail, but when I did this path it seemed in good state. It is very possible that the way become more hard, mainly for kids (the weather there is very hard).

    Enjoy jour trip!

    NOTE: I'll change the technical difficulty to "moderate", but notice that in the description I clearly specified that "aunque el piso en algunas zonas no está bien pisado" ("although the path in some areas is not in good state", in english). Furthermore, the technical difficutlies regards to specific technic diffcicults, not to physical difficulties whom can have (kids or adults).

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