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This is a Track from Komoot by Frank Meyer, here's the link https://www.komoot.com/tour/109579764

Here the explanation that Frank Meyer leaves us.

... today I was traveling in the Spreewald on one of my favorite routes to herald the year of my monthly tour recommendations in the online portal 'Reiseland Brandenburg'.
In 2020, I will choose one of my favorite routes in Brandenburg each month in coordination with the editorial team, which will then be presented there on their blog. Here is the counterpart to today's tour for January:
There is also an article there that the editorial team created from an interview with Manfred Reschke and me on the subject of hiking:

I chose the Spreewald for the winter hike, because at this time you can avoid the hustle and bustle of tourism that can get annoying from spring to September in Brandenburg's most popular tourist region. In addition, the mosquitoes are missing in winter and you also avoid the many cyclists. Small downer: almost all restaurants in the smaller towns there are closed in the winter months.
Today I had integrated the particularly pretty place Lehde into the tour for the first time in 1A hiking weather, which was a good alternative. I was accompanied by Thomas K., Lutz and Thomas J.
Unfortunately, the Leiper Weggraben was officially almost completely closed today due to bridge renovation work, but we still used the very muddy path due to the lack of an alternative option, which worked well except for a short climb.
I recommend interested parties to wait until this section of the route is cleared again, which will be the case from 01.04.2020 according to the official journal of the city of Lübbenau. Hopefully you can see from the pictures that there are some great flowing water passages, but also longer connecting routes between them, which are unfortunately inevitable - typically Spreewald.
Here are the recordings of the tour from:
Thomas K .: komoot.de/tour/109524262
Lutz: komoot.de/tour/109525872
Thomas J .: komoot.de/tour/109416913
Info and tour description:

This is a circular tour that begins and ends at the train station in Lübbenau. First the Poststrasse is followed to the market square, then it goes over the Ehm-Welk-Strasse to the castle district and past the castle and castle pond to the Bürgerfließ. On a narrow, tree-lined embankment, the path leads through a swamp landscape to the 'Kleine Kossa' and on the most beautiful section of the tour, this wonderful river in the forest is followed.

After the turn-off to the rolling channel, the legendary Wotschofska inn is reached at the end, then an approximately five-kilometer section of slab path begins through the vast marshy meadows and pastures. From the Pohlenzschänke, the path leads along a narrow asphalt road, briefly interrupted by a section of nature trails, to the settlement around the Waldschlösschen, then on a dirt road about three kilometers to Leipe.
After crossing the village, the Leiper Weg is followed from the Spreewaldhof, which runs through the forest very beautifully accompanied by watercourses on both sides of the dam. (ATTENTION: the Leiper Weg is officially almost completely closed until March 31, 2020 due to bridge construction measures!) At the end of this section, the road branches off to Lehde, the village is also completely crossed and along the Lehdschen Weg it goes back to Lübbenau.

At the Spreewaldhafen the Spree is crossed, via Dammstraße and Ehm-Welk-Straße the path leads to the market square and along Poststraße to the train station, where the starting point of the tour is reached again.


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