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541 m
2,59 km

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bei Wemperhardt, Clervaux (Lëtzebuerg)

This track visits the two highest points in Luxembourg, The Kneiff (560 m) and The Buurgplaatz (558,35).

The Buurgplaatz is usually considered the highest point in Luxembourg but the reality is that The Kneiff is just one meter taller. Due to this you will only see a mark on the floor for the Kneiff but a nice wooden sign for the Buurgplaatz.

You can leave the car by the road, next to The Kneiff, in the spot marked as start and end of route or if you preffer you could leave it next to The Buurgplaatz and then walk towards The Kneiff. It doesn't matter much since this is not a real track, it's a walk next to the road in order to get to both spots.

Start and end of track


The Buurgplaatz (558.35 m)


The Kneiff (560 m)


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