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bei Yangliuqing, Tianjin (China)

A restored merchant's residential complex along China's historic Grand Canal in west Tianjin. The life of top trading families in ancient China can be readily understood from visiting this location.

The track is confined to the residential complex and proximate canal bank and bridge. Much longer walks along the canal are possible, and these paths show in satellite view. In addition, there are plenty of historical areas extending several hundred meters to the north-east, including more period buildings, restaurants, and artisan shops off the walled alleys.

The standard Wikiloc Satellite image works best for this track. turn off the "Labels" (road traces) in the satellite image, because these labels are not correctly geo-referenced. the default google map is also not properly references, but city maps is.
China's historic Grand Canal runs in front of the residential complex. This was a key transport route between Beijing and southern China over a long period of Chinese History, but is now disused. An arched bridge is foot accessible and accesses walking paths along the south canal bank. The track can be extended with canal bank walks, or by exploring adjacent historical city streets, alleys, and squares.
Way-point at the entrance to LangLiuQing house, a residential / office compound of a trader along the Canal when it was operational.


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