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bei Ryde, England (United Kingdom)

Start: Appley, Thornton Cross (Busstop) End: Yaverland Outside Dinosaur Isle (Busstop)
This HF Holiday walk brings us at the East of the Isle of Wight. The walk is extended for 500m in order to reach a busstop.
A considerable part of this walk is along the East seafront (Seaview) with posh houses, with less wind then at the west side. We cross the beautiful dike along Bembridge harbor and passes old landing vessels which has been rebuild as house-boats.
In order to reach White Cliff Bay we pass Bembridge mill. For 5BP you can visit the grounds and climb the mill.
In Culver Down we pass WWII rests with bunkers and radar stations. Now the Yarborough dominates is at Culver Downs top. In fact the monument is replaced from the top, because of the WWII buildings.
The white cliffs of Wight can be admired intensively at Culver, and Sandown. Several suicides has been undertaken at Culver cliffs, which makes the environment spooky (it was misty that day!).
The fun, however, is at the end, because you may visit the Dinosaur museum. These animals lived here long ago and fossils are found.

001 Puckpool Park


002 Nodes Point Holiday Park


003 Nodespoint


004 Bembridge Harbour


005 Near Wades Boathouse


006 Source Stone Brading Marshes


007 Bembridge Windmill


008 Whitecliff Bay


009 Culver Down


010 Yarborough Monument


011 Sandown Bay


012 Yaverland

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  • Caz H 02.03.2018

    HF Route to Sandown should read “Elmfield to Sandown”, NOT “Almfield”. There is no such place name on the Isle of Wight.

  • Caz H 02.03.2018

    HF route to Sandown, Isle of Wight, mentions “ a beautiful dike at Bembridge harbour”. In fact it is called The Duver and is at St.Helen’s, opposite Bembridge on the West side of Bembridge Harbour. It is worth looking at the beach huts here, some of which are old train carriages, and at the remains of the church at the water’s edge. The Duver has unique fauna and flora and edges a protected marshy area. It is worth googling!

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