• Foto von 02 from the Waterfall at Bogova to Çorovodë
  • Foto von 02 from the Waterfall at Bogova to Çorovodë
  • Foto von 02 from the Waterfall at Bogova to Çorovodë
  • Foto von 02 from the Waterfall at Bogova to Çorovodë
  • Foto von 02 from the Waterfall at Bogova to Çorovodë
  • Foto von 02 from the Waterfall at Bogova to Çorovodë

Zeit  7 Stunden 52 Minuten

Koordinaten 15501

Hochgeladen 22. Dezember 2013

Aufgezeichnet Juli 2013

817 m
283 m
14,56 km

angezeigt 2145 Mal, heruntergeladen 41 Mal

bei Durmish, Berat (Albania)

This is the second part of a series describing my hike from Bogova to Gjirokastra.
Most of the single parts can also be hiked separately when you can manage the transportation.

In the morning I started early from the place where I camped on the path I now walked for the fifth time. After crossing the stream again the narrow, stony trail wound uphill for the next kilometers. After each turn there was another beautiful view into the valley, on the mountains of Tomorr and Kulmakes or the hill I climbed.

A man with two mules catched up with me and accompanied me over the mountain pass to the dwelling of his destination. Now the main part of the village Selan wasn't far. Walking there I saw several graves to the both sides of the way.
Crossing the village a man invited me for a coffee and for the first time I was also offered dhallë for the first time - a delicious drink for a thirsty wanderer!

Now I followed the main track until a little north of the village Strorë I took a short cut to follow the east heading trail.
One kilometre after Strorë I had to cross the desolate valley of a torrent which was 50 m wide.
Then the way again passed a very varying countryside: it had everything from eroding hills to small woods, scrub, vineyards over plantations to terraced meadows.

Shortly after the well north of village Vërzhezhë the trail was a little exposed. Since it was only trodden in the earth and on the very verge of a steep hillside one should be careful walking it in wet weather. An option would be to go back 150 m west of the well and from there follow the way heading north and then east.

About 1,5 km after this village I reached the communication towers near Çorovodë. On the way I again had a beautiful view of the mountains Tomorr, Kulmakes and a first glimpse from afar of the Gradec Canyon where also the Pirogoshi cave is located.

After having a rest at the communication towers with a panoramic view of Çorovodë, the western part of the Osum Canyon and the mountains of Skrapar I started the descent. 1,5 km further I had reached the main road and only half a kilometre was between me and the main place of Çorovodë.

Sights to visit at Çorovodë: the Osum Canyon, the Gradec Canyon, at the Gradec Canyon the Pirogoshi Cave and the historic ottoman arched stone bridge Ura e Kasabashit.



Village Strorë




torrent bed


torrent bed






Village Vërzhezhë


Village Selan


Mountain Pass




Communication Towers


grave yard


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