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bei Brestova Draga, Primorsko-Goranska (Hrvatska)

It's a special track :-) Very, very special as it happened on the special time. As emotionally attached to it :-) I did not shared it till now, but when I noticed track from Dinto, I decided to show something different. It required lot's of planning but finally it succeeded. Amassing moment when standing on the peak.


Beautiful land of views and woods. Long walk trough forest with magical views around Gorski Kotar landscape. One of the best off-track trails I done and you can bet I've been on the lot's of places already :-)

Track is completely off-trail so prepare yourself with GPS, map and compass. I would appreciate if every person who opens this track follow's me on Wikiloc. Thank you.

Be careful and do not walk alone! Enjoy! Use of this track is on your own responsibility. If you are interested to explore off-trails with me, or you are doing this already, let me know to hike together.

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  • Foto von Dinto

    Dinto 19.05.2015

    cool.. keep up the good tracking :)

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